Helpful Detailing Videos

The ultimate collection of instructional how-to detailing videos.


By focusing on what we know best, we are able to undertake new ventures with the passion and digital devotion required to make each and every project a success.


If you would like to see live demonstrations of detailing products, click on the video links below. These how-to videos will walk you step by step through the car care process. This is your resource for a wealth of information on all the products manufactured by Palm Beach Motoring Accessories. If you have any further questions, call us and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help.

Autogeek's Director of Training, Mike Phillips, has teamed up with the SPEED Channel to bring you Autogeek's Show Car Garage, a series of segments airing during SPEED's popular show Two Guys Garage. In each episode, Mike will share with you the art and science of automotive detailing. He highlights the products and techniques he personally uses to get amazing results.



These videos will guide you through the products and techniques that create a sizzling concours finish. Whether you are new to Pinnacle car care products or new to auto detailing, the videos will show you how to achieve the results that you want on your own vehicle.


Learn how to remove swirls, scratches and oxidation while restoring gloss and shine with Pinnacle XMT Series. Pinnacle’s long history of quality car care products is beginning a new chapter with XMT Series, a collection of products designed to optimize machine application.



The Diamondite Instructional videos will show you how to use Diamondite products to create clean, clear glass and plastics surfaces on your vehicle. These videos demonstrates how each Diamondite kit works and the actual results achieved. Each segment of the videos shows the process in real time so you can follow along.



The Wolfgang Concours Series Instructional videos walks you through the products and processes that will give your vehicle a head-turning gloss and unbeatable protection. The videos demonstrates every step of the detailing process in full color and sound. You can see exactly what products are used with what tools. The results you’ll see are real.